Oakland Summer Camp

Montclair Elementary

Camp Edmo

June 23 – August 1

Montclair Elementary
1757 Mountain Blvd.
Oakland, CA
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Park Program

August 4 – 22

Lake Temescal
6502 Broadway Terrace 
Oakland, CA
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Camp EdTech: Montclair Elementary in Oakland also hosts Camp EdTech, our digital media camp for entering 5th—8th graders.


To the Oakland Edventure More Families,

It has been a summer to remember! To all the parents and families, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your child’s summer. Each camper brought their own unique, funny, kind, energetic, creative, joyous self, and it made my summer better than I could have ever imagined. I appreciated all the parents who helped join in the Vibe by sending t-shirt challenges, giving me feedback, visiting Family Friday, or just chatting during pick up and drop off. All these small interactions created a community at Montclair I respected and cherished beyond words. 

Neither your campers nor I could have had such a positively AWESOME camp experience without my magnificent staff. Everyone brought everything they had every day to ensure that children were safe, happy and creating. It was a privilege for me to work with this group of individuals who modeled being your whole self every day. From rally, to Team Time, to Recreation to Wacky All-Camp Wednesday, the cheers, smiles and positivity helped everyone make it through the day. I can’t wait to have some of them join me next year as we continue to build the best program we can! In addition to a killer staff, we had some of the most capable and well-loved CITs (Counselors-In-Training). Many of our CITs were multiple-year returning campers who rocked the vibe and stepped up to the plate. I loved seeing the CITs blossom into full-blown campaholics, leading games, singing songs, and bringing their full selves to the plate.

It has been a crazy, wonderful ride here with Camp Edmo and Camp EdTech in Oakland. Have a fantastic school year, you might see me around the East Bay working with Edventure More’s school year team! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, continue being your best original self and see you soon!



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Camp Edmo at Montclair Elementary

My child came home eager to share one of many of his stories about the movie they are making in animation camp, we explained to him he had to wait until dinner time, so he did. He could hardly wait until after we said grace to explain to the family all about the character in his new movie.”

Highly impressed with the camp staff for the younger group. I stopped in one day, due to a forgotten lunch, and was so happy to see the children !moving freely and playing peacefully. My daughter looked forward to doing ever single day, which was an absolute pleasure. The anticipation of making ice cream on the last day also kept her very excited. Overall a wo dwrfuul and memorable experience. Thank you Edmo!”

He seems to be really interested in science which I attribute to Camp Edmo.”

My son was frantic one evening when we got home to do an experiment with us where we had to choose things from around the house to see if they’d dissolve in water. He wanted to recreate it exactly like you must have done it at camp…He was so excited and engaged, it was brilliant and so sweet to watch. He also said that he LOVED he camp Edmo shirt and that it was his favorite camp. This was his very first summer doing camps and we felt like it went GREAT!”

When asked who wouldn’t like Camp Edmo, my child replied, “Um, someone who doesn’t like to have fun.”

I think a continued classroom environment like yours is important during at least part of the summer. I also love that my child met new kids and adults so his world got even bigger. I know this week definitely helped his social skills and gave him more confidence that he’ll carry with him into the school year.”

We said it last year and we’ll say it again, Camp Edmo is a great experience for both children and parents…Thank you so much to the creators and the staff that make this place what it is: fun, exciting, and a safe place to make friends and learn new things.”

Camp Edmo Oakland Park Program

Camper: “I learned the most at Camp Edmo because we got to go on awesome field trips!” Parent: “So you liked learning new stuff.” Camper: “It was fun too. And we get cards and buttons! I have a collection now.”

I have been out of town for work and by boys are not doing the typical ‘we miss mommy’ routine! I strongly attribute this to the experience they are having at camp. They are engaged, feel secure and taken care of. Thank you!”

My son has really been supported in the social aspects this year. My two sons have very different personalities /interests so I often have them at separate camps to meet each of their individual needs. It was so beautiful to experience both of their needs being met in the same program. They were also able, thru the Edmo Vibe Game to be rewarded for working on the parts that aren’t as comfortable/familiar with how they typically operate (ex. Interpersonal/social skills for my shy son and collaboration/patience for my independent/go getter son)”

My child came home with a clay figure that he created during his trip to the SF Children’s Creativity Museum. He was so excited to share his experience with animation. He loves going to camp daily, and is so sad to see this week come to a close. Typically a “shy guy”, it has been very heartwarming to hear about the team-building activities he participates in and all of the games. We have seen a clear boost in his self confidence. We cannot wait to enroll for next year.”

Mary is amazing. It has been a true pleasure to work with her and I am genuinely sad that my children’s camp experience is coming to a close. She made their first camp experience so memorable and joyful. I cannot express how much her enthusiasm and professionalism put me at ease. I knew my children were in competent and loving hands and that is priceless. The entire staff was a joy to interact with. Our family is very grateful.”

Only the best of the best become our camp staff. Take a look at what goes in to recruiting, hiring and training our staff!

Mary Yeh – Camp Director

This is Mary’s first summer as a Camp Director, and she is so excited for the summer!  During the school year, Mary works as part of the School Year Programs team with Edventure More, visiting schools and doing hands-on science.  Before joining Edventure More, she worked as a 7th and 8th grade science teacher in rural Louisiana with Teach for America.  Mary has a BA in Art History and French from UCLA, and has loved combining her interests in art and science in and outside of the classroom.  Growing up, summer camp was a large part of Mary’s summer and she credits camps for providing a fun, safe environment to explore
new skills and make new friends.  Mary is very excited to create a space for campers to grow socially and academically, and interact with a spirit of kindness and curiosity.  In her free time, Mary knits, crochets, reads, swims, runs, walks her dog, and attempts the NY Times crossword puzzle.

Monica Redden – Art and Science Instructor

Monica is new to the East Bay having just moved to California from Eastern Connecticut.  She is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, with teaching experience in levels PreK-12, in both suburban and urban school districts. Monica loves the outdoors and grew up hiking and biking along the beautiful Eastern shoreline. She enjoys backpacking, yoga, cooking, reading, and has a passion for art. She is thrilled to become a part of an educational environment where she can display her creative teaching talents!

Tyler Kadish – Animation Instructor

Tyler grew up on Saturday morning cartoons. While watching them, he found himself drawn towards interesting characters and the stories they told. This led him to San Francisco where he studied 2D animation and storyboarding at the Academy of Art University. After graduation he worked freelance as a concept artist and independent game developer. When he is not working, he is watching cartoons, hiking in the hills, biking around the east bay, and trading stories with friends. With his past experience as a camp counselor in Monterey, and his present experience in animation, he knew he was perfectly suited for the “Edventure” ahead of him. 

Omid Boozarpour – Counselor

Many years ago, Omid was a camper. He loved it so much, that he decided to come back and become a counselor! A recent graduate of Campolindo High School, Omid will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall. During the school year, Omid spends much of his time working with Odyssey of the Mind, a program that teaches kids to use creativity and teamwork to solve unconventional problems outside of the classroom. Omid sees life as a grand adventure. It’s all about experiencing new things. To him, it is very important that every camper feels comfortable enough to explore and grow. That is why he makes a special effort to make every child feel welcome from the moment they arrive at camp.In his free time, Omid likes going on hour long runs and playing Ultimate Frisbee with his friends. He also likes playing tug-of-war with his dog, going camping, singing along to the radio, reading books, and watching the Golden State Warriors.

Lisa De La Puente – Counselor

Lisa de la Puente is from Santa Monica, California and this is her first summer at Camp Edmo! Lisa earned her BA in Art History with an emphasis in Architecture and Environment from UC Santa Barbara and hopes to impart her love of learning on campers! In her free time, Lisa pursues her passions of cooking, reading, costume design, the art of capoeira, and making short films.

Brandon Long – Counselor

Brandon has been a summer camp counselor for two years and likes planning activities for campers that engage both their bodies and minds and positively support them so that they develop habits and skills which help them towards being successful in life.

Denisha Fierro (Mrs. D) – Counselor

Denisha has been working with youth over 5 years. She chose to work with youth because she wants to be a positive role model to them and guide them in the right direction.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.:” – Maya Angelou

Michael Flynn

Michael is incredibly excited for his first year at Camp Edmo as a counselor.  He was born in Los Angeles and raised in the Bay Area, and is currently attending the University of Michigan.  Michael has experience working as a director for high school and college theatre productions and as a swim coach for young children. He is very excited to apply the leadership and interpersonal skills he has developed through all of his experiences to create a fun and rewarding environment for campers at Camp Edmo.

It is an absolute privilege to be a part of the team at Camp Edmo.  I’m so excited to meet and get to know all the campers, and to make some great memories.  See you all soon!”

Heather Anderson – Counselor

Heather was born and raised in Oakland, CA. She is majoring in Human Biology at Scripps College in Southern California and spent the last semester studying Chinese in Shanghai, China. She is happy to be spending the summer back in her hometown. She’s also excited to be working with Edmo campers! Her goals are to inspire compassion and a love of learning in children, and to have fun!

More than One Method

Your child will experience a blended learning methodology developed over 10 years in partnership with the CA Academy of Sciences and the Exploratorium. Campers build Physical Science, Natural Science, Engineering, and multiple Art Skills through our different approaches to learning that all start with fun and end with reflection, discovery and sharing:

  • Guided Instruction: Starts with a series of curiosity-inspiring questions or facts, then transitions into a hands-on activity that exemplifies the concept being taught. Kids then extend the learning by experimenting with their creations. 
    E.g. Pickle Batteries, Slime, Stomp Rockets

  • Design Challenge: Campers work in groups to create solutions towards a common goal. Groups brainstorm solutions to a problem, use available materials to prototype and test solutions, then make modifications based on their observations. 
    E.g. Castle design & building, Glider design & building, Lava Crossing Rec Game

  • Free Exploration: Campers are given a wide assortment of materials and are encouraged to use their creativity to build something unique, artistic or that serves a specific purpose. Lessons are drawn from their experience.
    E.g. Build something that spins, Use kitchenware to create an animal, Create a tasty soda flavor

  • Observational Learning: Campers learn to hone their senses and practice focus, attention and awareness. They record what they perceive, report their findings and draw conclusions.
    E.g. Bug hunts, Bird watching, Game of “Animal I Spy”
More than One Intelligence

Your child will build capacity in multiple types of intelligence that research has shown are required to succeed in the 21st Century. Our curriculum focuses on four areas of a child’s development each day:

  • Social: In addition to our dedicated “Team Time” hour each day, our science, art, animation, nature, and recreation projects build lifelong skills like communication, collaboration and teamwork. Kids need to work with others to complete challenges and compromise to come up with movie plots, invent team names or decide which game to play on Friday.

  • Emotional: Daily EQ activities use Kimochis’ “toys with feelings” to help kids build vocabulary around their emotions. They also help them empathize with other kids who have different personalities, resulting in fewer hurt feelings and more new friendships being made at camp!

  • Academic: Hands-on activities help keep kids’ minds active during the long summer months. They also help reinforce grade level science and math concepts while encouraging a fun-loving approach to learning that’s intrinsically driven.

  • Physical: Recreation features games designed by Playworks®. Most of our games are non-competitive or ones where players change teams regularly. Games build upon skills learned earlier in the week to more complex games involving lots of teamwork and strategy later on.
More than One Kid

Your child doesn’t fit a cookie-cutter mold. Our camp staff get to know your child and celebrate their uniqueness. Not everyone will be an inventor in life, but everyone will invent themselves.

  • Getting to Know Campers: All week long your child will have one group Counselor. It’s the Counselor’s job to learn about your child and find those teachable moments that help them become their best selves.

  • Diversity: One of our main objectives as an organization is to create the most diverse, inclusive and culturally rich environment for your child. We believe finding commonalities and celebrating differences is one of the most powerful ways to teach a child empathy and socialization skills.

  • Creativity & Self-expression: Camper projects have ample room for kids to infuse their personalities. This creates greater ownership over the learning. Camper families will also be given weekly T-shirt Challenges to encourage your child to engage you and their community with their “Edmo Vibe”.
More than One Program

Your family can choose from multiple camp programs with the same Edventure More standard of quality. Each is designed to generate curiosity, build multiple forms of intelligence and 21st Century learning skills.

  • Arts & Science Program (Ent. K-4th Grade): Campers complete hands-on natural science and physical science experiments, multi-disciplinary art projects and also play outdoor recreation and team building activities.

  • Animation Program (Ent. 2nd -4th Grade): Campers create a character and then work with friends to write a script, draw a storyboard, build a set, and film an animated short.

  • Park Program (Ent. K-4th Grade): Campers spend almost the entire day outdoors; going on nature hikes, completing arts & science projects and playing team building games. Entering 2nd-4th grade campers also go on weekly field trips.
More than One Day

Your child’s camp day doesn’t have to stop at pick up time. Your child will be encouraged to continue the “Vibe” of curiosity, confidence, creativity, and kindness at home and in their community.

  • T-Shirt Challenges: Each week your camper can complete a challenge and take a picture in their camp t-shirt doing something that shows how they’ve rocked the vibe.

  • The Edmo Vibe Game: Your kids will receive special Vibe Cards that represent an action they did that represented curiosity, confidence or kindness at camp. They can also earn cards outside of camp, like finding a fun fact to stump the Camp Director.

  • Mo’s Treehouse: When your kids come home pumped about what they learned, you can visit Mo’s Treehouse online to find additional resources, projects, websites, jokes, etc. that relate to our camp themes.

  • Daily Downloads: Each day you or your child will receive a sheet that describes what they learned in camp, what to expect tomorrow and special reminders from your Camp Director.
More than One Impact

It’s part of our mission to support the families and schools in your community year-round with high quality enrichment programs. Your camp proceeds and generous donations fund:

  • Camp Scholarships: We help close the achievement gap between low-income and high-income families by providing hundreds of scholarships each year.

  • Subsidized In Class Programs: We offer both public and private school teachers affordable in class science programs featuring museum quality, hands-on projects that align with CA State Science Standards.

  • Fully Subsidized Camps: We currently host two camps that are subsidized by public agencies for communities most at-risk for Summer Learning Loss. Our Oakland HUB ½ day camp is funded by the Oakland Unified School District and hosted at REACH Academy. The SF Department of Children fund our SF Community Camp program hosted at the San Francisco School.

  • Year-round Fundraising: We apply for grants, lead fundraisers and accept donations year-round to create greater access to our award-winning School Year and Summer programs.



The following schools have either received In Class Programs from Edventure More, had students awarded camp scholarships or both. If you don’t see your school listed, please contact our School Year Programs Manager at outreach@edventuremore.org to learn how we can support the enrichment efforts of your school, teachers, PTA or GATE programs.

Acorn Woodland Elementary
Alameda Christian School
Albany Middle School
Amelia Earhart Elementary
Archway School
Aurora School
Bay Farm Elementary
Bella Vista Elementary*
Black Pine Circle School
Buena Vista Elementary
Chabot Elementary*
Child Unique Montessori School
Cleveland Elementary
Crocker Highlands*
Donald D. Lum
Edison Elementary
Emerson School
Franklin Elementary*
Henry Haight
Henry J. Kaiser, Jr. Elementary
Hillcrest School
International Community School
Jefferson Elementary
Joaquin Miller Elementary
Malcolm X Elementary
Melrose Leadership Academy
Mission Hills Middle School
Montclair Elementary
NEA Community Learning Center
North Oakland Community Charter School (NOCCS)
Frank Otis Elementary*
Paden Elementary
Peralta Elementary
Peter Pan Academy
Prince of Peace School
Proctor Elementary
Redwood Christian School
Redwood Day School*
Rise Community School
Ruby Bridges Elementary
Sequoia Elementary
St. Elizabeth Elementary
St. Joseph Elementary
St. Martin De Porres Catholic School*
St. Paul’s Episcopal School
St. Philip Neri
Sunol Glen Elementary
Thornhill School*
Thornton Junior High
Thousand Oaks Elementary
Zion Lutheran School
Washington Elementary

*Both In Class Programs and camp scholarship recipients